Education program

Sports school background

At Vasas Kubala Academy, we provide sports school support primarily for our youth footballers from the U14 to the U19 age group, based on demand. In line with the Open Academy Model, we do not make it mandatory for our youth footballers to switch schools. However, we can recommend a number of institutions based on whatever interests a given footballer would like to pursue. We communicate on a daily basis with our partner schools, enabling the coordination of scholastic schedules to fit with our training schedules.


Partner Schools of Vasas Kubala Academy:

·Árpád Csanádi High School

·Pál Kovács High School

·Imre Bródy High School

·Semmelweis University Training Elementary School and High School

·Ferenc Kölcsey High School

·Tüskevár Foundation School

·Donát Bánki Technical School of Transportation Engineering

·Gyula Hegedűs Elementary School

Our players have the opportunity to spend their 50 hours of community service at the academy.

Youth footballers dealing with learning issues have the opportunity to take advantage of the learning room, in which the academy’s Director of Education helps them on an individual basis.

Dormitory Support

In accordance with our open system, at Vasas Kubala Academy we do not make it mandatory for our players to live in dormitories. In fact, we specifically advise spending weekdays in the family home whenever possible. Naturally, for players who originally reside away from the capital, we are able to provide dormitory accommodation, in the institutions below:

Central Budapest High School Dormitory

Our dormitory center on Mogyoródi Avenue in the 14th District is centrally located, near a number of our partner schools, allowing for decreased travel time and increased rest time for our students, who are housed in rooms of four between the ages of 14 and 18. A training teacher who communicates regularly with the academy looks after our players.

Góliát Hotel:

During school breaks, our players are housed at the hotel near Fáy Street, where they receive all-inclusive accommodation.


Director of Education: Júlia Mészáros
Work hours: Monday to Thursday, 15:00-18:00 at the Fáy Street sports complex.



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