Farm team's program

Our goal is to be able to provide a guaranteed opportunity of moving forward for stakeholders on the player market through our well-planned and structured farm team's network of contacts.

Farm team's network of contacts

Goal: to put together a network of contacts that is based on a mutual way of thinking and a set of principles laid down by contract, performing activities with a mutual set of goals in mind, keeping the development of children as the priority.

Mutual goals may be:

·partnership is based on expected mutual advantages

·partners are mutually considered to be on equal ground

·partners maintain their independence, and are not constricted in their decision-making

·contact details will be put into contracts, which are expected to differ in the case of each participant

·the deepening of a partner relationship is up to the partners, respectively

·mutual representation of interests

The role of Vasas Kubala Academy in the system

It is in the best interests of our academy that our players represent as much value as possible. With this in mind, we are aiming at developing a network of contacts in which participating partners aid in this endeavor and find it compatible with their goals, in addition of course to finding common goals as well.

Who do we look for contacts with?

·whoever is looking for partnership based on professionalism, providing both sides with opportunities

·whoever we can work with towards mutual interests

·whoever has the right amount of children in their program

·a high standard of professionalism is important, along with the adaptation of  our professional philosophy

·whoever has future plans, opportunities

·whoever is transparent

What we provide:

·partnership based on professionalism

·the opportunity to get to know the playing philosophy of Vasas Kubala Academy

·professional help based on demand

·back-and-forth transfer of players squeezed out of the system, an opportunity to proceed within the system

·channeling of players to the first team, based on demand and opportunity

·regular opportunities to participate in joint professional days, training courses

·focused communications

·regular, continuous consultation

·joint communication, appearing as partners (website)

·invitation and participation at events and tournaments

·participation of talented players in training, possibility of tryouts


What we expect:

·partnership based on professionalism

·an opportunity for the Academy to introduce itself

·to receive news about events, programs

·opportunity to visit training and matches, information about talented players

·competition cooperation (tournament invitations, for example)

·guaranteed opportunity for talented players to participate in training and tryouts

·opportunity to participate in professional days for given teams

·development of substantive relationships between coaches



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