Kindergarten football program

Kindergarten football program

January of 2017 sees Vasas Kubala Academy relaunch the Kindergarten program which had previously enjoyed such success

The primary goal of our program is movement, and to create a love of the game with children at a very early age, so that later on not only football, but sports as a whole may play an integral role in the everyday lives of generations growing up. Based on mutual positive feedback, we are working on getting more and more kindergartens involved in the program.

We believe that one can never start too early in terms of getting acquianted with sport and football. Our first and foremost principle is that children should feel free, they should take pleasure in playing football. Thanks to its playful nature, they should be able to gain love for sport, and should be able to embrace it as a source of fun, where they can relax, and spend time together with their friends. What we do is to try and create an atmosphere in which these principles may materialize. Last, but not least, we consider it a mission of ours to try and make sure that a generation of kids grows up in such a way that active sport is a part of their everyday lives, as the key to a healthy and happy life. We would like to provide a helping hand in making this happen.

Laying the foundations of basic movement is a specially emphasised task, through the development of coordination with and without balls, diverse agility exercises, as well as ball touch exercises in a playful form. It is a priority at this stage to develop children’s self-confidence, therefore we place special emphasis on constantly guaranteeing a sense of achievment and success for kids, so that they may receive positive reinforcement.

We hope that cooperation with kindergartens will be fruitful, and that more and more children will become dedicated to sports, and more specifically: football. We hope that there will be many who might eventually even consider footbal as their vocation, thanks to this program.




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