Mental training program

Since August of 2014, we provide all our academy youth footballers with access to mental training services.

There is a lot being said by fans, experts and the media about how important the right mentality, approach, motivation, will to win, and a number of other psychological factors are in elite sports.

It isn’t difficult to see that our entire body is controlled and supervised by our central and peripheral nervous systems, and that our decisions are made with the help of our brains’ analytical powers.

Our program is rather complex, so we will only outline the most important areas below.

Players can take part in group or individual training sessions. Our main area of interest is the development of sports-related mental skills and techniques, but we also provide players with a platform to share their more private problems. Our mental trainer guarantees strict confidence for those seeking assistance, thereby facilitating the development of trust.


It’s easy to see that whenever we like doing something we will do it with care, and will be happy to repeat it, and spend time doing it. Since our players love football, this is what needs to be utilized as the basis for motivation. Players often forget about this in elite sports, placing great pressure on themselves, trying to fulfill others’ expectations. Many times this will lead to trying to avoid disappointments, which can manifest itself on the pitch as a lack of initiative. Matches can turn into an overwhelmingly performance-oriented grind. The results are well-known, and a number of experts and fans have made the observation: it seems like the will to win is not altogether there in our footballers. Our program places a special emphasis on providing a high motivational foundation.

2.Identifying goals and objective self-appraisal

Without players’ sacrifice, diligence, and effort put into training, as well as proper nutrition and time management, we cannot expect results. Our players must have a vision for the future with detailed goals that are properly identified in order to find the actions that will lead to the realization of their goals. For this to happen, they need to reach a state of mind in which they consider their respective careers to be independent projects. It is not about living up to the expectations of the coaches or parents; an inner drive is needed. This is not possible if the player is not aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses, because then the right goals cannot be determined. Overall, our goal is to make sure that players consciously examine themselves and take action for the sake of their careers off the pitch as well.

3.The importance of small steps

It is a very important and very difficult task to make youth footballers conscious of the fact that it is daily small steps over the course of a long period of time that will lead to results later on. Our players „compete” not only with other players at the club, but also with all other players at other academies, for example in Hungary. This means that if somebody in another team gives 100%  every second of every training session, then over the course of 10-15 years they will gain a huge advantage over someone who takes some sessions or strength exercises off. In other words, it is difficult in our lives to make ourselves aware of the fact that a goal to be achieved may be very far away from the minor tasks at hand. For example, negligent, not entirely thorough brushing of the teeth may only lead to negative results years later down the line.

4.Professional approach and results

Furthermore, it is our task to make sure that upon leaving the upper levels of our academy, our players are able to find their way in the world of professional football. Players often make the mistake of losing their perseverance due to the fact that they are under heavy duress with more and more difficulties, challenges and pressure to perform. Our task is to make them see: the multiplication of difficulties is actually a positive sign that they are on the right path towards professional football! If someone feels that their path is too easy, that is precisely what should be taken as a warning, because he/she hasn’t set themselves new and bigger challenges. Another important aspect of the professional approach is being able to turn elements learned during the course of training into performance with only slight variance, no matter what the circumstances are. The great ones are not influenced by circumstances or the weather, nor can they be outdone by problems in their private lives: they are more or less always able to show their skills.

5.Mental competence

Without going into every detail, within the scope of mental competences, we develop concentration, decision making processes, awareness, relaxation techniques, visualization techniques, processing defeat, coping with stress, team spirit, supporting each other on the pitch, and intrapersonal communication.



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