Trainee and volunteer program

Vasas Kubala Academy provides sports professionals of the future with an opportunity to gain practical experience: students coming primarily from the University of Physical Education are employed as volunteers in several areas. We believe in youth training not only on the level of players, but also on the level of sports professionals. In this way, our aim is again to help the rise of Hungarian football, with the integration of young sports professionals who are equipped with quality knowledge.

Volunteer coach program:

Under the framework of this program, 18-25 year old coaches are able to take part in the coaching of grassroots age groups. The duration of the program is a minimum of three months and a maximum of 12 months, during which the volunteers gain access to the most modern methods available from the technical staff of Vasas Kubala Academy, providing them with the basic practical experience required for a career in coaching.

Volunteer sports manager program:

Volunteers taking part in the program have an opportunity to gain deep insight into the everyday workings of a football academy, in the Financial and the Organizational Department as well, which is an invaluable experience alongside their studies.

Volunteer sports organization program:

Under the framework of this program participants play a role in the organization of international tournaments, thereby gaining experience in sports event management and supervision, also developing their foreign language skills in an international environment.


With this program, our primary focus is the training of dedicated professionals, and to help volunteers gain practical knowledge, providing them with as many opportunities as possible to gain experience in the academic environment.



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